Teacher biography

Fiona Crossley - Nav Jiwan Kaur

Employed full time in a senior advertising and communications function at the age of 31, I was seeking for relief from anxiety, insomnia, grief and chronic physical tension. I trained as a shiatsu therapist at the weekends. The shiatsu practice highlighted to me that I wasn't aware of the power of the breath.

I began practising different types of yoga in 2003. But I found yoga difficult (not being very naturally flexible !) and boring and was never able to shut down my mind in the static postures. I preferred any physical activity that had rythmic music and movement as a way to escape my mind.

My first experience of Kundalini Yoga

Then I attended my first Kundalini Yoga and meditation class. It was an experience that I couldn’t put words to at the time. I could only vow to myself that I would have to find a way to escape my work commitments to get to a weekly class at a nearby wellbeing centre.

10 years later, I am teaching that very class along with several other classes and workshops that I organise independently. 

Teacher Training

The Kundalini Yoga teacher training (according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan) is first and foremost a personal journey or therapy to help deal with the complexity of modern living. More than just learning about anatomy, postures and yogic philosophy, it includes modules on vitality and stress, communication, relationships, the mind and age related development.

However it was only when I began to teach that I started to master this vast ocean of treasure that makes up the technology of Kundalini Yoga. Indeed mastery can only be achieved through teaching.  

Personally Impersonal teachings

The teachings are "personally impersonal" : you apply the techniques and teachings to yourself over a period of time and then, with the personal understanding of the effects of a technique, you can share and pass on the benefits to the students. 




I am inspired by the Teachings and their application to the multiple challenges of human beings. Indeed my students inspire me every day.


Breath is Life 

It is through the mastery of breathing techniques that I am still able to tame an over-reactive mind and understand the link between the breath and physical tension, anxiety, insomnia and depression.


Indeed my experience of the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan were so deeply powerful and life-changing that I was compelled to leave the security of full time employment and began to teach yoga in 2007. 

Gong healing

I trained as a gong practitioner in 2013 and have been applying gong therapy in yoga practice and also in other contexts: businesses, healthcare, education.  The power of sound is astonishing ; I would never have imagined the effects if I hadn't experienced it.


Life is a path, a journey with its challenges and graces but I am ever grateful to my teachers, spiritual guides and the golden line of teachers throughout the ages.Thank you for sharing this journey.

May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You.

Sat nam!




Fiona is accredited by the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association and the Belgian Federation of Kundalini Yoga. Fiona is also a qualified Radiant Child Yoga Teacher.


Fiona is a gong practitioner and therapist using sound for healing. Gong sessions are held in groups and for individuals. 

Class schedule

Fiona teaches at Aspria Arts-Loi and also has regular group classes near Merode/Montgomery on Mondays and Wednesdays and on Tuesday evenings at Flagey.


The bi-monthly yoga and gong sessions organized by Fiona are very popular. They are suitable for almost everyone and held on a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon. A wonderful way to end or start the working week.