Kundalini Yoga & meditation Brussels regular classes

Tuesday evenings at Flagey

20h15 to 21h30

Maison du Quartier Malibran - Salle à Rhythme - 3rd Floor

10 rue de la Digue

1050 Ixelles 


CLASSES RESUME Tuesday 14th May until Tuesday 2nd July 2019.



Possibility to join per session or per trimester.

See all class rates on the Practical Information section



Wednesday evenings at 81 avenue de Tervuren (Merode-Montgomery)

18h15 to 19h30 - A session that welcomes both beginners and more advanced practitioners looking for a shorter practice. 

19h40 to 21h10 - Advance practice through the length of postures, advanced meditation techniques; however Beginners welcome when registered in advance.

81 avenue de Tervuren

1040 Brussels

Minus 1 level - access is downstairs from outside - please do not use main building door.



Classes will continue until 17th July 2019 and start again at the end of August.


Although regular group practice will help you to maintain a healthier, more balanced existence, it is possible to join per session.

Trimester and flexible subscriptions are possible.

See all class rates on the Practical Information section


Gong Immersions

Next session is Anger release on Saturday 25th May at 17h to 19h30

These sessions usually have a theme where we work on one aspect of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. For example: developing intuition, prosperity, anger, immunity, glandular balance, detoxification …. The session usually comprises a warm up, a Kundalini Yoga Kriya (transformative yoga), pranayama and mantra meditation. There is a 45 minutes gong immersion at the end of the session to relax, regenerate and restore your physical, mental and other bodies.

Gong Puja - Saturday 22nd June 2019, Brussels - a whole night of gong bathing to optimize your vibration

Practical Information for all sessions

Registration by email kindly requested in advance for all classes : yogifio@hotmail.fr


On the day registration by SMS to 0477 615 786 and await for confirmation that there is a space available.


What to bring and how to prepare:

  • Yoga mat and blanket - a mat can be borrowed on-site if you don't have one; 
  • Water to drink and a neutral mind !


  • Do not eat anything heavy for 2 hours before session (fruit is a good option).

For all sessions, we recommend that you wear flexible clothing preferably in natural fabrics (cotton, linen). Layers that can be removed when warm and put back on during  relaxation and meditation. A pair of socks also is useful.