Kundalini Yoga Brussels Classes

Many of you have expressed your desire to continue online classes beyond this period of transformation ; you have reported advantages such as better time management, more regular practice as well as being able to practice when you are away travelling. Many of you have reported greater strength of body and mind and greater wellbeing overall. We will therefore  continue online classes.

Some of you have not been able or have not wanted to join the online classes. Indeed some of you have expressed an increasing desire to practice yoga away from a screen, with a teacher in physical presence; with proper sound (yes please !), with the magnified effects of chanting and meditating together (Wahe Guru !!!). But as nobody knows what is ahead, I will continue to offer online classes which are a reliable option for more regular practice for you now. 


The schedule is subject to change; please subscribe to email updates for weekly schedule. 

"Thank you for the experience. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity to practice online with you and the group. It’s been my sanctuary on Monday evenings, my anchor in these uncertain times. I said to a friend the other day, after a Kundalini session it feels like after being to some holy place🙏 

I’ll definitely continue and come on a weekly basis. " - Zsuzsa


"Your classes help me to keep the focus on what is important to me and I can feel the difference when I practice. I follow my intuition and when I cannot join your classes I do a series of postures it is now part of my routine:) thanks for this.

Satnam" - Adeline


"Merci Fiona, je passe toujours un moment apaisant à me connecter avec toi :) A bientôt," - Céline



Kundalini Yoga schedule

All classes can now be attended in person or followed online

Monday 19:30 to 20:45 (Louise)

Tuesday 12:15 to 13:15 (Louise)

Wednesday 18:15 to 19:30 (av Tervuren 81)

Wednesday 19:40 to 21:10 (av Tervuren 81)

Thursday 12:15 to 13:15 (Louise)

Friday: Gong Healing sessions


The classes can be joined in person or via Zoom. Please register to join the mailing list.


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Possibility to join per session or with a flexible subscription



  • WiFi activated
  • Laptop or computer or telephone with sound and camera (preferably).
  • Quiet space - only a small space is necessary - enough for a yoga mat with an arm's width on each side.
  • Yoga mat, cushion or block and blanket
  • Water to drink and a neutral mind !
  • Do not eat anything heavy for 2 hours before session (fruit is a good option).
  • If you are sharing your space with children or 4 legged friends, let them be part of the experience. You will certainly be more challenged mentally but all will benefit.
  • For all sessions, we recommend that you wear flexible clothing preferably in natural fabrics (cotton, linen). Layers that can be removed when warm and put back on during  relaxation and meditation. A pair of socks also is useful.



Practical Info - online classes