NEW CLASS Ixelles Flagey, 10 rue de la Digue - Tuesday evenings at 20h15 - All levels welcome

Class schedule in Brussels

Monday evenings

20h to 21h25


54 avenue de Tervuren

1040 Etterbeek 


No class on Monday 21st May


Tuesday evenings

20h15 to 21h30

Maison du Quartier Malibran

10 rue de la Digue

1050 Ixelles 



Wednesday evenings

19h30 to 21h


81 avenue de Tervuren

1040 Brussels



Energy Exchange

First Time 

It is recommended to attend two group lessons in order to integrate the basic principles of breath, focus and posture.

First trial class: 10 euro

Second trial class : 10 euro

Two trial classes within 2 weeks: 18 euro 


Flexible subscription

Pre-payment of 5 classes for 60 euros valid for 8 weeks starting the day of the first class.

Designed to give flexibility for those who want to benefit regularly from classes but are unable to commit to a weekly practice.


NOTE: if there are no classes (e.g., during some Belgian School Holidays), the validity period of the subscription will be automatically extended for the number of weeks that there are no classes.

What happens at class ?

We invite you to experience the class with bare feet. Closing your eyes during class will help you stay within and experience the class more intensely. 


Use a blanket or shawl to cover you during meditation and relaxation.


Feel free to leave class without speaking to maintain the vibration and energy of the class.


If you have an irregular or unknown schedule or travel often then you can pay per class (drop in) = 14 euro


Trimester payment

Pre-payment of 10 or 12 week trimester: 10 euro per class.

Start anytime during the trimester and pre-pay the remaining classes at a reduced rate of 11 euro per class.

Trial lessons paid for will be deducted from the total subscription. 


Add any extra class at other locations within 6 days

7 euro per class

Group Gong sessions (2 hours): 26 euros 

Personalised Gong sessions at your home (2 hours):  

95 euro; per extra person 10 euro 

One to one sessions: if there is something specific that you feel needs attention in your mind, body soul balance, contact me to discuss.

A class is 75, 90 or 120 minutes and follows the following structure:

  • Opening chant to tune in - see Mantra section
  • Breathing exercises
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Kriya : dynamic transformative yoga set
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Closure with mantra

Practical Information for all sessions

Registration by email kindly requested in advance for all classes :


On the day registration by SMS to 0477 615 786 and await for confirmation that there is a space available.


What to bring and how to prepare:

  • Yoga mat and blanket - a mat can be borrowed on-site if you don't have one; 
  • Water to drink and a neutral mind !


  • Do not eat anything heavy for 2 hours before session (fruit is a good option).

For all sessions, we recommend that you wear flexible clothing preferably in natural fabrics (cotton, linen). Layers that can be removed when warm and put back on during  relaxation and meditation. A pair of socks also is useful.