Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Brussels Regular classes

Class Schedule - online & in person


Monday 19:30 to 20:45 (online & in person)

Tuesday 12:00 to 13:00 (online & in person)

Wednesday 19:00 to 20:15 (online & in person)

Thursday 12:00 to 13:00 (online & in person)

Friday: Gong Healing sessions - Group and Individual

Saturday 09:30 to 10:45 check weekly schedule for updates


Yoga and meditation needed today more than ever


The Kundalini online classes that began with the first lockdown in March 2020 are still a lifeline for many. The positive testimonials are numerous and multiple. As a teacher it is a privilege to connect to each individual online despite the screen. With time I have experienced that as thoughts and projections are energy, the screen no longer feels like a barrier to fully harnessing the power of projection and intention.

Try a class today

 If you have never tried an online class please be welcome ! The excuses NOT to roll out our mats are many. I KNOW !!  The mind is so good at making excuses - n'est-ce pas ? Indeed I empathize if you struggle to find a quiet space to practice. I know that feeling. However if you create the time and space to join you will be pleasantly surprised how after 1 or 2 classes you are able to almost ignore the screen, listen to the instructions and enter into the full energy of being in a deep healing practice. A practice where you become more autonomous and in control of your mind.



Our classes each week evolve with the theme of the seasons, the meridians, the multiple systems of the body with the wellbeing of mind, body and soul being central to our practice. For example at the moment the focus is on reinforcing the immune system and keeping the lymphatic system optimally cleansing to support the immune system. I do hope to see you on screen soon as we walk this path together. Sat Nam. Fiona


"Thank you for the experience. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity to practice online with you and the group. It’s been my sanctuary on Monday evenings, my anchor in these uncertain times. I said to a friend the other day, after a Kundalini session it feels like I've been to some holy place🙏 

I’ll definitely continue and come on a weekly basis. " - Zsuzsa


"Your classes help me to keep the focus on what is important to me and I can feel the difference when I practice. I follow my intuition and when I cannot join your classes I do a series of postures it is now part of my routine:) thanks for this. Satnam" - Adeline


"Merci Fiona, je passe toujours un moment apaisant à me connecter avec toi :) A bientôt," Céline


"Dear Fiona, 

During the practice today, I realised it has been one year since you entered my life as a Kundalini Teacher. I learned great deal with you about the position of being a student. You made me want to be one: not to go faster, not to burn steps in the process, not wanting to be already “there”. Your way of teaching allowed that for me and this is a reservoir of knowledge I cherish a lot. Because I understood that if I learn correctly the lessons, they do integrate fully and steadily. 
I grew a strong core and develop the life force inside of me which allowed me to go after my dreams. I would have never dare to do so before.
I went through so many moments those past 12 months where I felt it was like in a Kriya, "yes I can go through it, I can manage, no I don’t give up”. I felt so much room opening inside and outside. I learned detachment from the mind and I know now that I can reconnect myself in an hour through the practice if I feel I am outside of it.
I don’t think I could have managed to arrive where I am now in a year without the practice and your precious teaching.
So thank you for that and so much more."

Yoga, Sound and Meditation

A healthier, happier, more balanced existence ...

Soul Sound Yoga

Soul Sound Yoga welcomes all Souls. Participants are mainly healthy or seeking for enhanced mental and physical health. Some are facing  major life challenges - physically and mentally. Others have recognized that major changes are needed in their lives in terms of career, lifestyle, relationships…  and some are just trying to surf the wave of life instead of being dragged under by life' many challenges.


In 11 years of teaching I have learnt from every student that human existence is complex. We need practical lifestyle tools to support us through this journey that go way beyond a purely physical yoga practice.


Perhaps you are facing a specific life challenge or need to make a tough decision ? Contact me for one to one guidance and /or a personalized practice for you to do at home.




Kundalini Yoga

A powerful blend of breathing (praanayama), movement, mantra, and meditation that invokes self-healing and relaxation. 


If you can breathe can practice this style of yoga.


Daily online live sessions. Regular Kundalini yoga and meditation and gong sessions evenings in Etterbeek and Ixelles, Brussels.



"Kundalini Yoga is the science of changing and strengthening your radiance to give you an expanded life and greater capacity" - Yogi Bhajan

Sound Healing - Gong Healing

Sound is one of the most important healing media that there is. 


Soul Sound Yoga organises bi-monthly Gong baths and meditation sessions using Planet Gongs for deep relaxation, subconscious releasing and healing. The date of the next session can be found at the top of this page.


Gong Healing sessions are held for individuals and groups, in your home, at your office.

Offer a Gong Healing session with your friends for a moment of true wellbeing.

A wonderful gift idea !



Yoga for here and for now...

Yoga is no longer a practice that we experience in far away countries or on holiday. And yoga is NOT (only) about flexibility.  Kundalini Yoga is about increasing our potential as humans. Yes ! Not just living life but embracing it. This practice is for EVERYDAY, EVERYBODY, HERE and NOW – Brussels – Paris – London – New York - Overijse ! Kundalini yoga is suitable for all citizens to prepare the mind, body and soul to cope with the challenges, joys and hardships of everyday life : work, relationships and health. Much of our inner conflict and dis-ease comes from regrets of the past and anticipation and fears of the future.By learning the techniques of bringing ourselves into the present, we gain an understanding and acceptance that life is unfolding as the Universe intended it.