Sound Healing therapy treatments and group workshops July 2020

Private Sessions

Sound therapy one to one treatments in Brussels with 

Elizabeth Huxtable, Scientific Sound Asia

June - July 2020 - Brussels (Louise/Stephanie area)

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Message : 0477 615 786


Soul Sound Yoga is delighted to welcome back Elizabeth Anne Huxtable of Scientific Sound Asia (see below) for a limited time in Brussels. The one to one sessions and workshops in June 2019 were very popular with many reporting very positive healing experiences.


As well as one to one private sessions, we will be offering several group workshops and sound baths including a Voice workshop for Healing Yourself and Others, Clearing Fear from DNA with Sound, and a Tuning Fork workshop for Health and Abundance. 


Elizabeth offers one hour private sessions for those wanting to address specific issues, for example: Stress / High blood pressure / Anxiety / Depression / Poor sleep/ Chronic pain that won't respond to other therapies.  Feeling stuck and wanting to change direction in life.


Sound therapy is very effective at balancing the body’s energy systems and restoring harmony. It can work on several levels, depending on the stage the client is at. It is common for people to enter altered states of consciousness where their body is effectively asleep and yet they are fully aware of what is happening. This is very beneficial for boosting the immune system and overall health and wellbeing.


Elizabeth has been working with a number of complementary therapies for over 25 years. She combines them during private sessions, especially with clients experiencing

 high levels of stress and anxiety and wanting to release painful emotions from the past.


A private session can include:


Sound / Essential oils / EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) / Reiki (Elizabeth is a Reiki Master)


All treatments are 60 minutes. 

You can choose from the following treatments when you book:


1) Conventional sound treatment covering : 

Balancing chakras

Creating deeply relaxed states (often, people will fall asleep during the session)

Improving health

Reducing pain

Gently clearing emotional blocks

We focus attention on imbalances and distortions in the energy field around and in the body. Using coherent sound frequencies from tuning forks, chimes, bowls and voice, the blockages are cleared. In this way, the underlying causes of our physical, mental and emotional problems can be addressed, leading to improved health and wellbeing.


2)  Individual Biofield

 Therapy is a noninvasive therapy in which the practitioner explicitly works with a client's biofield (interacting fields of energy and information that surround living systems) to stimulate the healing response in people.


Biofield tuning is interactive although the receiver is lying down. Elizabeth will be asking questions throughout the session. The person will not be asleep or entering a deeply relaxed state. This is to clear trauma and it is more intense than the conventional sound treatment and designed for people who really want to address their issues and bring about transformation. 


“Biofield” is basically the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. The biofield is composed of both measurable

 electromagnetic energy and hypothetical subtle energy, or chi. 


In Biofield Tuning we use tuning forks to comb the Biofield around the recipients body looking for distortions created by trauma

to perceive energy and imbalances in the biofield. 


It is a revolutionary method of healing that helps to rapidly release patterns of chronic stress & pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, immune weakness, and more, even when other methods have failed.


3. Biofield Relationship Therapy is an interactive session sitting up to clear the energy field between two people.  Both people in the relationship can be present or we can refer to the holographic image of the person who is not there. This just means

 that we set an intention that the other person is present and visualise them sitting opposite you. Questions are also asked and the same techniques employed as the individual session described above. 


4. Sonic Meridian flush takes place lying down. It is stimulating all the major meridians in the body to flow correctly. It is calming

 and soothing, with the benefit of creating good qi flow throughout the body which greatly improves health. 


Please note that the Biofield tuning sessions (#2 & #3 above) are intense. Elizabeth does not recommend them for someone with anxiety or panic attacks.


Registration all treatments :


Places are limited - advance booking is necessary. Please email Fiona on

Telephone +32 477 615 786



Price for 60 minutes one to one session with Elizabeth : 85 euros



There are one to one session possibilities on Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th and Friday 13th March.  Please contact Fiona for availability and to reserve your appointment. 



Group Workshops

Sound Therapy & Voice Workshops

Sound Healing Baths in Brussels with 

Elizabeth Huxtable, Scientific Sound Asia

and Fiona Crossley, Soul Sound Yoga

June-July 2020 - Brussels


Availability and booking information: 

Message : 0477 615 786 or send a contact form through this website


Sunday 15h to 17h

Clearing Fear from DNA

Venue: Louise/Stephanie 

Are you feeling stuck, Depressed, Anxious? No enthusiasm for life and the future?
Maybe your innate fear programming is stopping you from stepping forward and creating a future full of possibilities?
DNA can contain fear programming, both inherited and acquired. If we can clear this fear at a DNA level, we can return to our original blueprint and move forward in life with more confidence, joy and enthusiasm.
Using a radical new approach, we will use special sound vibrations to release the fear programs entangled in our DNA. We will also reprogram the subconscious mind to:
¨ Be open to new possibilities
¨ Reprogram cells to reverse the aging process
The program will include:
¨ Therapeutic sound with alchemy crystal bowls, to relax and balance the body and chakras
¨ Essential oils and EFT tapping to insert positive affirmations
¨ Listening to special vocal harmonic overtones to delete fear programming from the DNA


Registration compulsory - spaces limited. Max: 9 people

Participation Fee: 30€


Venue: All workshops and sound baths described below will be held at

81 avenue de Tervuren - 1040 Brussels


Friday - 19h30 to 22h

Kundalini Yoga, meditation and Sound Bath with Soul Sound Yoga and Elizabeth Huxtable

Kundalini yoga, breath work (praanayam) and chanting sacred mantras. 

This divine alchemy will entrain the body, mind and Higher Self into deep meditation followed by a blissful sound journey with alchemy crystal bowls, chimes and gongs. 

Registration compulsory - spaces limited.

Participation : 30€


Saturday  - 13h - 16h

The Healing Power of Your Voice Workshop

Did you know that the human voice is the most powerful sound healing tool there is? In our childhood we are often punished or discouraged from speaking our minds and fully expressing ourselves, so we learn to close down the throat. All those unsaid words can result in:

· Jaw tension and teeth grinding

· Headaches, neck and shoulder pain

· Eye problems

· Constriction in the throat

· Pent up anger or grief that can affect many body systems (digestion, heart, etc.)

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Tuning the chakras using Jonathan Goldman’s technique
  • Essence guided meditation, a powerful meditation where you connect with an issue (physical, emotional or mental), and let your voice sound out what it wants to express. Then we get in touch with our “higher self” or soul essence and allow it to create a sound of unconditional love to heal the wounded part. Cancer patients have successfully used the technique to clear deep emotional issues leading to recovery and full health.
  • Directed/Intentional Humming. We can set an intention with each breath and direct it to any part of the body where there is pain or discomfort, feeling the vibration healing that part. At the same time, we receive a boost of beneficial hormones including melatonin, oxytocin, endorphins and nitric oxide.
  • Using the Voice to heal Another. Two different techniques will be taught and participants will practice in pairs.


Registration compulsory - spaces limited.

Participation: 50€


Saturday 16h30 to 18h30

Tuning Fork Workshop for Health and Abundance

Tuning forks deliver precise frequencies which can be very beneficial to health.

In this workshop you will learn to use tuning forks to help shift headaches, speed up wound healing and cells to rejuvenate. You will also learn how to clear your home of stagnant energy and clear your jewelery and crystals. And much more....

Let Elizabeth guide you and find out ways you can incorporate the benefits of a tuning fork into your life.


Registration compulsory - spaces limited.

Participation :  €40


Heart Opening Meditation and Sound Bath

Saturday 19h to 21h

Join Elizabeth for a powerful guided meditation with heart centered breathing to open the heart and release the past. The session ends in a sound healing immersion for total mind, body relaxation and inner bliss.  


Sound healing has been used as a complementary therapy to combat stress and anxiety and has been beneficial for autistic and hyperactive children as well as patients with cancer. It is deeply calming for the nervous system and helps trigger the release of endorphins and states of joy.  


The session will include:  

~ Heart-Centred Breathing  

~ Ho'oponopono mantra for forgiveness & release  

~ Liquid Golden Gel Heart Guided Meditation  

Culminating with a - Special Sound Bath to open your heart


Registration compulsory - spaces limited.

Participation: 30€ 


About Fiona Crossley

Fiona Crossley (Nav Jiwan Kaur), Kundalini Research Institute Certified Yoga Teacher (teachings of Yogi Bhajan). Fiona has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and meditation for 11 years in Brussels and Beyond. Fiona is an experienced Gong Master trained in 2013 with Mark Swan, in Gong Yoga with Mehtab Benton, and the art of holistic resonance with Don Conreaux. Fiona uses naad (sound) yoga in her regular group yoga classes where mantra and sound current are practiced as effective tools for channelling the mind (meditation) and improving overall wellbeing. Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic blend of breath, movement, mantra and meditation. Fiona adapts her sessions to all levels of experience teaching students how to create and co-create in a meditative state and in a secure place where the student intuitively and independently connects to their Higher Self and their Guru - their inner Teacher.

About the instructor


About the instructor:

International teacher, researcher and healer, Elizabeth Huxtable is a certified Sound Therapist and holds an internationally renowned Sound Practice work portfolio. What differentiates Elizabeth is her powerful, unique voice and her set of alchemy crystal singing bowls, specially tuned to musical chords. Based in Malaysia, Elizabeth’s skills are highly sought after and so frequently can be seen working in Australia, SE Asia, USA, Europe and the UK.

Facebook: “Scientific Sound Asia”



MM 81 - minus 1 level

81 avenue de Tervuren

1040 Brussels


Telephone: 0477 615 786