Gong Puja Brussels 15 October 2022 Brussels - ALL night gong Ceremony

What happens at the All Night Gong Ceremony?

A Gong Puja is a sacred ceremony in which the sound of the gongs is kept going during a full night. Players in a gong Puja take turns in playing, keeping all gongs going at a low frequency in a central structure called a “gong cage” or “gong pod”. Participants at the Puja lie down around this pod and during the night they enter a state of meditative sleep. The energy of the Gongs also helps us raise the vibratory level all around us, beyond the confines of the room through harmonic resonance.

The Gong is an instrument and healing tool for the nervous system. It can be a magical alchemy of frequencies and sound occur, which open our connection to our higher self. It is an instrument that takes us to the moment of creation of the universe with its complex harmonics. While the gongs play, there is a dome of sound which is beyond our usual perception in 3D. It creates a sacred space to experience and to bring us back to ourselves, generating an immediate effect of deep meditation and working at very subtle levels.

Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini yoga and the art of the gong to the west, promoted 45 minute gong baths as a way of clearing any mental and physical blocks in our being. One of his early students and Grand Gongmaster, Don Conreaux, developed the gong Puja as 10 consecutive gong baths, or 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sound to bring healing and clarity to our souls.

There is no need to have any yoga or Gong experience to benefit from a Gong Puja, just bring an open mind. The experience of a Puja is very individual, but it can be a turning point or a moment of great clarity. The deep harmonics of the gongs which will be played may bring emotional and spiritual cleansing. 

NB: A Puja is a ritual ceremony a moment of devotional attention. The word, Puja, originally from the Sanskrit language means reverence, homage or ceremony.


Practical Information


218 Ch de Boondael

1050 Bruxelles


20:00 Doors open - mise en place participants

21:00 Doors close

21:30 Opening ceremony

22:30 Gong Puja begins

06:00 Gong Puja Ends (Sunday 16 October)

07:00 Wake up and Closing ceremony

What to Bring

  •  Inflatable mattress - an electric pump will be available to blow up your mattress.
  • Sleeping bag or blankets
  • pillow or cushion for your head
  • Water to drink and extra bottle to recharge with Gong energy: "Gong Water"

Energy exchange

75 euros advance transfer

85 euros on the door

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone participate?

What type of mattress can I bring?

No. Our recommendation is for 14 years or older. 

Will I sleep during the night?

Again this is individual. Some people sleep from beginning to end. Most people will enter into a state of Nidra (yogic sleep) for most of the night and alternate with deeper Delta or Theta states of sleep.

Can I get up during the night?

Absolutely! You are free to get up, use the WC, meditate next to the gongs, take a break. The essential thing is to preserve the silence in the Ceremony room so that people can remain in total rest.

What if…?

There will always be someone awake and holding the space who is at your service if you have something that you need to ask.

It is a personal choice but we recommend that you make yourself as comfortable as possible.

A foam mattress is ideal as it doesn't make any noise when you move.

No camp beds with squeaky frames please! Just use the mattress.

A self inflated mattress is enough or a thicker inflatable mattress like this one available at Decathlon is a possibility: https://www.decathlon.be/fr/p/mp/intex/prestige-downy-matelas-d-air-celibataire-compact-191x76x25-cm/_/R-p-20f1cc62-3c50-49af-a033-f1b3ffb72395?mc=20f1cc62-3c50-49af-a033-f1b3ffb72395_c9

How can I blow up my mattress?

An electric pump is available for you to blow up your mattress.

What else should I bring?

A sleeping bag or blanket and a pillow or cushion.

Planet Gongs

The mind has no power over a well played gong

Planet Gongs are tuned based on the orbital properties of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the Planets according to calculations of Hans Cousto. Thus they resonate in harmony with the cycles of the celestial bodies and communicate a distinct aspect of the “music of the spheres” quoted since the Antique. 

Their sound colour is extremely mysterious and conveys an unusual, unfathomable atmosphere.  Soul Sound Yoga uses Paiste Sun and Day Sidereal gongs as well as guest gongs each with their own individual properties.

Paiste DAY SIDEREAL GONG for relaxation, opening the heart

Based on planetary calculation

3rd Octave G3/g-194,71 Hz

4th Octave A4/a’-437,11 Hz

The frequency of an Earth Day - 23 hours 56 minutes. 


Essence: I Experience

Keywords: vitality, flow, freedom, energy, relaxation, calming, harmonizing, balancing

Enhances an overall well-being feeling. Gently opening on the Spiritual and Physical levels.  Letting go.  Opening the Heart.


Chakra: Root

Color: red

Rules: All Signs

Element: All elements

Character: I, Youth

Deity: All 


Virtues: vitality, flow, freedom, energy

Balances: emotions of fear, insecurity, survival


The tone of the Sidereal Day gong (G) acts as a tonic, is stimulating, energizing and recommended for use in the morning or at the start of any activity. Can be helpful in dislodging suppressed emotions or energy blocks.


Paiste SUN Gong for Endurance, Strength and Courage

Key Essence : I am

Keywords: Energizing, Purifying Healing, Power of Will, Personal Power, Strength, Endurance

Enhances the perception of one’s own center, the magical and transcendental, is beyond all imagination bringing the listener into new dimensions and to a state where good and bad, shame and guilt, time and space, being and not-being are transcended.


Fundamental tone: 32.312.52 Hz 

Gong pitch: B (126.22Hz - 8 octaves below the fundamental tone)


Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart

Color: Yellow

Rules: Leo 

Element: Fire

Character: Self 

Deity: Apollo 


Virtues: health, vitality, organization, power 

Balances: pride, egotism, selfishness


The SUN is a star and the center of our solar system - through its gravitational field and radiance all is sustained. The frequency of the Sun is based on a limit value - the threshold between expansion and contraction, as measured between the Sun and its closest farthest planets (Mercury and Pluto).

Based on planetary calculation

2nd Octave B2-126,22 Hz


4th Octave A4/a’-449,80 Hz



Gong size: 38"