Voice Therapy & Clearing Fear at DNA level - NEW DATES IN MARCH 2020

Voice Therapy & Clearing Fear at a DNA level with sound activation with Elizabeth Huxtable

Scientific Sound Asia 

New dates in March 2020 - please enquire.


Venue: 81 avenue de Tervuren - Brussels (Merode-Montgomery)


Voice Therapy for Fear  ?


Our own voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument there is. But many people have blockages and resistance in their throats that stop them from fully expressing themselves and using this powerful self-healing tool. This two part workshop with Scientific Sound Asia in Brussels will teach you tools for self healing as well as benefitting from specific sound tools aimed to clear the fear that is stored at a DNA level which is a deep source of anxiety and depression. 


PART 1 - Voice Therapy: 19:00 to 21:00


In our childhood we are often punished or discouraged from speaking our minds and fully expressing ourselves, so we learn to close down the throat. All those unsaid words can result in:

· Jaw tension and teeth grinding

· Headaches, neck and shoulder pain

· Eye problems

· Constriction in the throat

· Pent up anger or grief that can affect many body systems (digestion, heart, etc.)


In this 2 hour workshop you will:

· Learn techniques to free up your voice and tightness in your throat (EFT Tapping with affirmations, toning)

· Release fear of speaking your truth and expressing yourself.

· Learn techniques to release physical and emotional pain.


· An introduction to harmonic overtone chanting.



Participation rates:

Parts 1 & 2: 80 euro prepayment before 14th June 2019

After 14th June : 90 euro

Part 1: 50 euro


Part 2: 40 euro


One to ones with Elizabeth


If you are interested in a private session and want to know the location before booking please email me: yogifio@hotmail.fr


During a 1 hour private session, we focus attention on imbalances and distortions in the energy field around and in the body. Using coherent sound frequencies from tuning forks, chimes, bowls and voice, the blockages are cleared. In this way, the underlying causes of our physical, mental and emotional problems can be addressed, leading to improved health and wellbeing.


One to one price : 85 euro


PART 2: Clearing Fear from DNA with Sound - 21:15 to 22:30

Are you feeling stuck?



No enthusiasm for life and the future?

Maybe your innate fear programming is stopping you from stepping forward and creating a future full of exciting possibilities?

DNA can contain fear programming, both inherited and acquired. If we can clear this fear at a DNA level, we can return to our original blueprint and move forward in life with more confidence, joy and enthusiasm.

Using a radical new approach, we will use special sound vibrations to release the fear programs entangled in our DNA. We will also reprogram the subconscious mind to:

¨ Be open to new possibilities

¨ Reprogram cells to reverse the aging process

This will be achieved by combining EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and a special blend of essential oils.

The program will include:

¨ Therapeutic sound with alchemy crystal bowls, to relax and balance the body and chakras

¨ Essential oils and EFT tapping to insert positive affirmations

¨ Listen to special vocal harmonic overtones to delete fear programming from the DNA



MM 81 - minus 1 level

81 avenue de Tervuren

1040 Brussels

Email: yogifio@hotmail.fr

Telephone: 0477 615 786

About the instructor

International teacher, researcher and healer, Elizabeth Huxtable is a certified Sound Therapist (Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute, USA) and studied harmonic overtone singing in Australia. She uses her voice as a powerful healing tool, along with her set of specially tuned alchemy crystal singing bowls.

A passionate researcher, she is currently focusing on ways sound can be used to activate DNA and also treat traumatized and special needs children, especially those on the autism spectrum.

She is a highly sought after teacher in Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe.



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